Search engine optimization (SEO) for Java / JavaScript

JavaScript and Java client-side technologies. With JavaScript and Java are script-or programming languages that are interpreted and executed by the browser. Search engines generally ignore the code. Firstly, the evaluation would represent a significant computational load and on the other they are often used interactively, .There is no reason to use JavaScript. However, while some should be observed: Most search engines cannot index all pages that are only accessible using JavaScript.

In addition, visitors who have disabled JavaScript in your browser, the page does not reach. Make sure that all the pages can be indexed reason. Create a site map. Content in JavaScript are not visible to search engines. As a text, that is output via document. Write is ignored. Represent texts normally directly in HTML

Search engines do, not recognize redirects that work via JavaScript. If a redirect for search engines to be visible, so you use a Meta refresh or 301 – / 302-redirect.However, the search engines develop their techniques. Google attempts to read JavaScript files. In addition, currently links are already recognized with absolute URLs within JavaScript code. Java applets are completely ignored by search engines. Moreover, the proportion of users that can see this content is nothigher than with JavaScript or Flash. Advantages and disadvantages in usage are therefore weighed carefully.

Cognitive SEO – paid tool for search engine optimizers

Cognitive SEO is one of the cheaper tools, the cost of which can be easily understood. Professional SEO Google tools need access to reputable link databases to deliver real results. Whether the investment is worthwhile, every search engine optimizer may decide in the test phase of the program itself.

Ranking observations with Cognitive SEO

The daily observation and evaluation of rankings is possible with Cognitive SEO, but not the actual task of this tool. Rank tracking for search engine optimization for Google is only for monitoring the success, the real strength of Cognitive SEO lies elsewhere.

Link analysis and link observation with Cognitive SEO

The functions of Cognitive SEO show that developers were at work here, whom were themselves working as search engine optimizer. Instead of worrying only about a well-to-use interface, was also taken at Cognitive SEO for everyday use. Use as a useful SEO tool google is therefore guaranteed. For link analysis, the user has access to several databases link.

Cognitive SEO with individual links can be tracked and analysed, and the link structure of competitors can be observed. The search engine optimization for Google is facilitated with Cognitive SEO, also included in the project management tool that can manage the tasks.