Duplicate Content


In the evaluation of websites Google, now also disregarded and it, whether the content is unique or it is a copy of another side. The idea is plausible and repeatedly displays the same result with different URLs, degrades the search results. There are various types of double the contents. Firstly, Google equates different pages – there is actually only one page in the index. On the other similar sites are filtered out of the search results and display only the best-placed page for a search query. These are two completely different situations. When searching for duplicate content, there is also a fundamental problem: what page is the original and which is the copy? The approach of Google is not obvious. Criteria as the age and / or link popularity come into question. The problem of duplicate content also is affected in websites with high PageRank. A special rule does not exist.


When a query returns less than 1000 regular results (more are not displayed by Google), a crawled page but does not show up in the results, it may be responsible for this duplicate content. Appears that page when ‘ repeat the search with the omitted results included (this can also be selected by appending ‘filter = 0′ in the URI reached) is used ‘, then it is definitely for the subsequent filtering. Even sites that are listed in the Google index with the URL can be affected by duplicate content. However, there are also other reasons for this phenomenon. Therefore, such entries exist for pages for which an incoming link has been found, but the page has not yet been crawled.


There are varieties of causes – Intentional and unintentional. The double pages exist, such as for the search engine they look identical (for example, because there are similar products with the same description in the catalogue).In this way, the same content can also occur on another website. This part of a page or the entire website may be copied.Have you copied the content, so it helps to create own content. Maybe, your content has been stolen. Nevertheless, specific measures depend on the individual case.