Attractive web design to be learned

The times in which poorly designed websites were still tolerated, are long gone. In the flood of sites that are offered online, clear surfaces and user-friendly are the basis for a successful strategy. No member is nowadays still lenient when the menu is designed unprofessional or individual functions are only limited. A good web design takes a lot of creativity, initiative; excellent programming skills and a good eye for targeted direct the user to the website.

Static websites

Will not you spend so much time and effort into creating their own website, so there is the possibility to contact a professional service? Here you are in professional hands. However, the service encounters a homepage quickly reach their limits, since any updating of the website – for example, when news will be published, or a new background image is added, etc., it costs extra money.

CMS separate content, technology and layout

So-called content management systems such as the Zeta Producer form a balance between insourcing and stranger position of the website. Here the user will be provided pre-and mature to the last detail templates. Design and basic structures are already defined in the CMS and can be adjusted as needed by simple user interfaces. The transfer of the layout of the website to mobile devices (i.e. mobile phones, tablets, etc.) is due to responsive layouts, which are no longer a problem and the user must take care of itself.

This is handled naturally by the CMS. In addition, the link with social services such as Facebook and is offered as standard. Thus, the user only needs to the important thing, namely the care of creating and inserting its own content.
Here are the 10 commandments of web design:

  • Do not sacrifice user friendliness in favour of the visual attractiveness
  • You must propose the right tools and technologies
  • Do not flood your website with colours
  • You should speed up the loading of your page
  • You should keep your site clean
  • You should explore more fonts
  • You should assume “social media”
  • You should create the page for the widest possible audience
  • You should always think of the construction site to the search engines optimization
  • The design of the site should not be directed only to advertisers, remember that you work for the user